Amazon data analysis

Individual insights in the global amazon marketplace market to optimize your business with the support of our big data experts.

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Amazon data analysis


Use the data we are collecting to understand the market and act or react properly.


We can deliver you individual insights to raise your sales potentials. Our Big Data Experts will help you to find YOUR best individual strategy.


Get informations about who is selling with your brand names and is violating trademark policys. You won't believe how many take advantage of inactivity and how great the financial damage can be.


Control your License Policies not be violated. Our data- driven solutions will support you to detect and report violations faster.

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Get an advantage against other Amazon Sellers and Vendors. With data- driven strategies you will get the best individual price for your products. Keep the market under surveillance. See how the market is changing and react properly.

Let sellytics support you to analyze the market as deep and as fast as needable. Learn to understand the market by using our tools. Use those informations and get to one of the best sellers or vendors in Amazon.

Additionally, we deliver the best suite to detect frauds and to control license- and trade mark- violations with data- driven solutions. See which sellers and vendors do not stick to the agreements.

Our experts will instruct you, give individual insights and integrate our solutions into your system.