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The Amazon Marketplace is a fast-paced place with a steadily growing number of international products. Of course, new sellers and products come onto the market every day. Keeping track and anticipating new trends is absolutely essential. However, this can quickly become a problem with the size of Amazon.

But you are lucky, because while you are reading this blog post, we at sellytics are working on solving all these problems.

Our Mission

To make the largest, fastest and most confusing marketplace in the world a manageable place where you can gain an unfair advantage over sellers and vendors who do not have these resources by using the latest technology. We can’t reveal much yet, but the keywords Big Data, Machine Learning, Data-Driven Sales Optimization, dynamic Re-Pricing Matrix and Virtual Assistant play an important role for us.

How do we do it?

sellytics is a data & business intelligence platform that collects all relevant data necessary for successful sales on Amazon. For this purpose, we search all Amazon marketplaces internationally around the clock and also evaluate your own data from the Amazon API interface. Thus, you always have the latest data & evaluations available and can contribute from the tools we provide to the optimization of your seller or vendors account. We also support agencies to provide their clients with even more advantages.

Customer proximity as a key element

Do you want a feature we didn’t think of? Then simply let us know and our team will integrate it into our products, if it can be implemented.