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Amazon Bestseller Rank | BSR

The Amazon Best Seller rank, or BSR, is an important indicator in the marketing discipline Amazon SEO. It should be noted here that this not only plays a major role for private labelers, for example in product research, but should also be important for retailers with already listed products.

In the following article I would like to give you an overview about the meaning, the calculation, the importance and the application possibilities of BSR´s. Further I hope to uncover some efforts and to solve the general confusion to the topic BSR. Continue reading →

Amazon product images

Product images in e-commerce

The problem with which every online shop, every marketplace and of course Amazon, as one of the largest marketplaces in the world, has to deal, is how to compensate for the lack of haptics in purchasing decisions.

In retail, a potential customer can not only perceive a product through visual stimuli, i.e. through its appearance, but can also include any haptic stimuli in the purchase decision. We do this, for example, when we try on a jacket in a store. The decisive factor then is not only how the jacket worked on the mannequin, but also how it works on ourselves, feels and sometimes even smells. Only when all these impressions are right do we decide to buy.

All these steps of the buying process are eliminated in e-commerce. The user can only determine whether he buys a certain product or not on the basis of product images and a product description. Continue reading →

Amazon Product Title

Product Title Basics

First of all, we will take a closer look at the length of the product title. In Germany, 500 characters are available for the product title on the marketplace. This is quite a lot compared to Google and Co, where SEOs are familiar with title lengths of 80 characters. Amazon therefore offers its dealers a lot of space to describe the products in the title as precisely as possible, or to equip them with the right set of keywords.

But be careful! The American marketplace has already seen the first changes in this respect, with the maximum length of the product title being limited to 200 characters. This is not yet the case on the German marketplace, but the past has shown that Amazon likes to test changes first on the American marketplace and then later also on the other marketplaces. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the title length to 200 characters, as it is to be expected that Amazon will soon punish longer product titles on as well. Continue reading →