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How to get amazon product images and image urls

To get the amazon product images or pictures from the sellytics DATA API you need as always your access token. You get more information about how to obtain an access token from here.


Amazon product images are useful for content creators, displaying thumbnails in an affiliate store or using the images otherwise for your commodities management and other purposes. With the sellytics DATA API it’s really simple to obtain image urls from an amazon product.

Access product details which include product image urls

You can use the following curl to get all product information and look at the imageUrls array which contains all product image urls. Note that the marketplace and ASIN are contained in the end of the url. You could also change the marketplace for example to US if you need information from the Amazon US marketplace.

curl -X "GET" "" \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR-TOKEN-HERE' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'

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